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My First Video - just a rough draft and experiment really but hopefully more to come! Poem - 'Office Monkeys'

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Wave of Sorrow - All proceeds donated to the Japanese Tsunami Appeal please purchase here or click the picture below- my wave of dignity also published within...

Wave of Dignity (Japanese Tsunami)

A warning over transmitted waves
We have been taught once before
The power of mother natures ways
Not once, or twice but many more
Quakes make a drop in the ocean
Shifting water when pressures raised
When the Japanese shook with emotion
They waited and submitted names
Old fears of nuclear fission
After seeing the coast swept away
They make it their primary mission
To clean up dignified each day
No matter what ever it has cost
Respect to each other and law
They cast love to those they have lost
Helping spirits close many dead doors.
(zebideejones 2011)

Retrospective & Sentimental

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